“The Corpse Candle and other Nightmares”

After months of writing, editing, and illustration, Profound Fiction is proud to release it’s first Horror Anthology, “The Corpse Candle and other Nightmares”. With 13 contributions from 10 different authors, Corpse Candle  has received favourable reviews on Amazon and AntrimCycle. Here is a brief synopsis of each story in the Anthology. Continue reading “The Corpse Candle and other Nightmares”


“The Thorn of Roses” by Bryan Lewis

In “The Thorn of Roses”, Bryan Lewis brings us what can only be described as a twisted take on the fairytale genre. With a unique structure that combines brilliantly poetic descriptions with intricate storytelling in a first person narrative, The Thorn of Roses is immensely readable, and does not disappoint. Continue reading “The Thorn of Roses” by Bryan Lewis

“X Faction Soldiers” by JC Axe

This three-part story by JC Axe, tells of a totalitarian England in the not-too-distant future; a country ravaged by war, poverty and an oppressive ruling elite. Somewhere between the “draconian government” and the “apathetic majority” lies the ‘X Faction’; A ragtag band of terrorists (or possibly freedom fighters) who fight fascism with acts of terror, mischief and anarchy.  Our narrator “Icepick” (or ‘Pick’, as he is affectionately referred to by his friends) and a number of other insurgents, plan to hijack a cash-in-transit van, carrying an item of incomparable value to the government.

This item is being escorted to it’s destination by the ‘Big Boots’, lethal government enforcers with the power to capture, torture and execute any perceived enemy of the public. Continue reading “X Faction Soldiers” by JC Axe